The LORD JESUS is my rock,
and my fortress,
and my deliverer;
my God, my strength,
in whom I will trust.
from PSALM 18, 2 (KJV)
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PHP4 and MySQL -
used for most of the listed web projects







Since 2000, designing websites has been a hobby of mine. My early webdesign attempts were rather clumsy and useless. Later during my studies in computer science, I started using server-side programming and databases and learned how to "put websites to work".

However, in 2006 I had stopped trying to market my services as a webdesigner and my involvement in web projects had more and more declined. Finding web projects had become difficult, and the fact that I lived abroad hadn't made it any easier.

In retrospect, it was good to let it all go... and I'm glad that some of the projects are still online and taken care of.
Some of these projects include: is a web application that offers a free service for users to create and host online polls and to export poll results. was acquired by Actra AG in December 2007.

yellowpoll helps authors to manage their email newsletters online. Authors can invite recipients and compose and send newsletters to their subscribers. The subscribers' privacy is protected by not sharing their email addresses to authors. was acquired by Actra AG in June 2007.

safemailing was my first database-driven web application. Being a directory for swiss webdesigners, it helps people finding the webdesigner they need. was acquired by Swiss Net Solutions in September 2006.

meinwebdesigner is the little brother of mein-webdesigner. It is a directory for webhosting providers and makes it easier for people to find a suitable provider. was acquired by Swiss Net Solutions in September 2006.

meinwebhoster is a banner exchange service programmed as a class assignment. This application distinguishes itself from other banner exchanges by allowing its members to exclude certain banners from being displayed on their webpage. was acquired by Astalavista IT Engineering GmbH in September 2006.

follow was the website used to promote my services as a webdesigner. This site is no longer online since I'm not an active webdesigner anymore.

windmill is one of the company websites designed during my time as a webdesigner. is still online but is now updated by someone else.

bexpo is another company website designed during my time as a webdesigner. is still online but is now updated by someone else.